Missing evil-org-agenda key bindings

There are a few bindings from evil-org-mode project documentation that are not working on my end.

I am not going to list them all, but for example, the evil-window-top -bottom -middle series that should be bound respectively to gH gL gM are missing with gM being bound to the command evil-percentage-of-line itself defined in evil-commands.el.

On top of that I find it particularly difficult to re-bind those keys the way they should be bound originally or even add more binidings to the org-agenda-mode-map. In the code below only a few get successfully bound:

(map! :after (evil evil-org org)
      :map org-agenda-mode-map
      ;; NOT WORKING
      "M-e"   #'evil-scroll-up
      "M-d"   #'evil-scroll-down
      "{"     #'org-forward-paragraph
      "}"     #'org-backward-paragraph
      "SPC {" #'evil-ex_nohighlight

      ;; WORKING
      "Z t" #'evil-scroll-line-to-top
      "Z z" #'evil-scroll-line-to-center
      "Z b" #'evil-scroll-line-to-bottom
      ;; WORKING
      "g H" #'evil-window-top
      "g L" #'evil-window-bottom
      ;; NOT WORKING
      "g M" #'evil-window-middle

My :after clause might seem unorthodox or even desperate, but I have to admit that I tried a lot of different combinations before getting something to work. Less packages might be needed in the parenthesis; I will edit if I narrow it down later, but I am running out of time to do more testing this morning.

I find it interesting however that for the evil-window-* series, only the g M binding does not work; I guess it gets overwritten by some other module during the loading process…

I have to add that the org-*ward-paragraph commands are working fine by default, I just like to invert them (AZERTY keyoard here).

Another user asks a question about a similar issue regarding the difficulty of binding keys to org-agenda-mode-map a year ago but did not get any answer yet.

Thank you for your time, any help or even confirmation of my observations will be appreciated.