Feature Request: Separate Doom keybindings with additional +flag for modules

Wondering if it would be worth adding submodules for keybindings for each doom module. Even when using the :after setting in in map!, is no guarantee that user defined maps will be set after those set by doom.

Example for my, I want to override the org-agenda leader maps with something like,

  (map! :after org-agenda
        :map org-agenda-mode-map
        (:prefix-map ("t" . "todos")
          :desc "done" "d" #'my/org-agenda-todo-done
          :desc "clock in" "i" #'org-clock-in
          :desc "clock out" "o" #'org-clock-out
          :desc "jump to clock"  "j" #'org-clock-goto
          :desc "org-todo" "t" #'org-todo))

But this will run before the doom keybindings set in the org module config.el, meaning the doom org bindings will override it and my settings wont take effect.

The keybinding documentation is incomplete at the moment, so there might be a nicer existing way to ensure are overriding doom keymaps, but I am unaware of it. If anyone has any info, please let me know.

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