Julia Module Refactor

Inspired by ESS module refactor, I’ve been playing around with GitHub - gcv/julia-snail: An Emacs development environment for Julia, and I’m going to try to make some additions to the module, or maybe a +snail. Just wondering if there’s anyone else out there using it that had thoughts/configs I could use for inspiration.


paging @tecosaur to #dev

I was also planning on working on the Julia Module, specifically adding +snail. I find snail to be much more enjoyable than the base setup.

In my config, I setup the keymap to match the lisp modes (esp CIDER, as that’s what the workflow was kinda built around).

(use-package! julia-snail
  :hook (julia-mode . julia-snail-mode)
  (setq julia-snail-popup-display-eval-results :command)
  (setq julia-snail-multimedia-enable t)
  (setq julia-snail-popup-display-face '(:background "grey10" :box (:line-width 1 :color "black")
                                         ((class color) (background dark))))
  (set-popup-rule! "^\\*julia.*\\*$" :ttl nil :select nil :quit nil)
  (map! (:localleader
         (:map (julia-snail-mode-map)
          "'" #'julia-snail
          "a" #'julia-snail-package-activate
          "r" #'julia-snail-update-module-cache
          (:prefix ("e" . "eval")
           "b" #'julia-snail-send-buffer-file
           "l" #'julia-snail-send-line
           "r" #'julia-snail-send-region
           "d" #'julia-snail-send-dwim)))))

@kiranshila Sweet, I forgot that the lisps used SPC m ' to start up the env.

Started a draft PR!