Example user configurations

This is a heavily curated list of configurations written by Doom users. They’ve been selected because they are innovative and/or easy to understand. Entries are sorted first by number of code contributions to the project, second by seniority (how long your config repo has existed).

Username Highlights Link
@hlissner By Doom’s author; simple; staging ground for future Doom modules link
@tecosaur Literate config; well-documented; heavily customizes org-mode link
@zzamboni Literate config; disabled evil; heavy org user (for books, cv, presentations, etc) link
  • Nov 4, 2020
  • Oct 12, 2020
    • Added hlissner
    • Added tecosaur

Recommend a user’s config

This list is regularly updated. You are free to post your own recommendations by creating a linked-reply in #meta.

:warning: Please do not submit your own config. They will be immediately rejected.

This list is reserved for configs that grade highly against the following criteria:

  • Has been helpful to beginners
  • Improves on Doom functionality (i.e. candidates for upstreaming)
  • Demonstrates what Emacs or Doom is capable of
  • Is reasonably idiomatic (i.e. uses Doom’s facilities correctly).
  • Has no obvious syntax or logic errors
  • Is not redundant
  • Is tidy, well commented/documented, and clearly hand-crafted (as opposed to copypasta)

For posterity, responses may be cleaned up regularly without warning.