How to disable Evil (Vim emulation)

If vim emulation isn’t for you, disabling it is easy:

  1. Disable the :editor evil module (by commenting it out in ~/.config/doom/init.el).
  2. Run doom sync on the command line to clean up lingering dependencies and regenerate your autoloads files.
  3. Restart Emacs.

Done! You have banished evil!

:pushpin: Some users may want to change Doom’s leader keys. These are bound to C-c and C-cl by default. What are leader keys?

Any evil-specific configuration and keybinds (defined with map!) is ignored when :editor evil is disabled (and omitted when byte-compiling).

Keep in mind that I (Doom’s author) am a vimmer. Doom was initially my personal config before it became a starter kit. Much more consideration and polish has gone into the evil/vim use case, and its keybind scheme for vanilla users is still a work in progress – something its growing vanilla user base is helping me to improve.

I suggest studying config/default/+emacs-bindings.el to see what keybinds are available to you. Otherwise, you may find inspiration from one of its users.