Breaking change in `citar` update (in `:tools biblio` module)

Github PR: #6628

This pull request for Doom’s :tools biblio module includes a breaking update for citar. It introduces a new notes API that may break any users’ configurations that rely on the old one.

This will also affect org-roam-bibtex and citar-org-roam users. org-roam-bibtex plans to support this new API soon, but it doesn’t yet. And users of citar-org-roam will need to do something like this to integrate it into the new API, but use ORB to create new notes:

  (list :name "Org-Roam Notes"
        :category 'org-roam-node
        :items #'citar-org-roam--get-candidates
        :hasitems #'citar-org-roam-has-notes
        :open #'citar-org-roam-open-note
        :create #'orb-citar-edit-note
        :annotate #'citar-org-roam--annotate))

(setq citar-notes-source 'orb-citar-source)

More information about the new notes API can be found in citar’s docs.


Notice: #6628 was merged today 2022-08-08T21:44:00Z.