Citar stopped using org-roam capture templates

What happened?

citar-open-notes stopped using org-roam capture templates after running doom up on June 21. This issue did not follow any changes to my configuration files.

What did you expect to happen?

I am using citar with the biblio and vertico modules, with +org-roam via the org module, and org-roam-bibtex. This setup has been working well for months, apparently until running doom up on June 21. Previously citar-open-notes used my org-roam capture templates if a note did not exist for a bibliographic entry.

Currently citar-open-notes opens a note for a relevant bibliographic reference without prompting for org-roam capture templates. Instead, the note populates with what appears to be configuration from citar-org-format-note-default:

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Use vertico biblio and org +roam2 modules, plus org-roam-bibtex isntalled in packages.el
  2. Use the following config:

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  1. M-x citar-open-notes


System information

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I solved this issue. It seems that running doom up introduced an update to citar which included a new variable citar-open-note-functions which must be set to orb-citar-edit-notes when using org-roam-bibtex. I was confused because there was a similar variable (now deprecated) citar-open-note-function (no ‘s’) which I believe ORB automatically set to orb-citar-edit-notes. ORB does not set the former variable.

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Just a head’s up, this will break again in the coming days.

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