Yasnippets Stops Working After C-c C-c

What happened?

Vanilla doomemacs installation on both Emacs 28.1 and 29.1 has issues with Yasnippet. After expanding a few snippets and hitting C-c C-c to cancel the entry, I stat getting an error and Yasnippet stops working:

This always happens when I am expanding snippets in a M-x shell, and if I kill the shell and start a new one, Yasnippet will begin working again.

What did you expect to happen?

Yasnippet works.

Steps to reproduce

  1. M-x shell
  2. Expand a snippet and hit C-c C-c a few times
  3. Error message shows up and snippet does not expand

System information

Loading data dump...

Adding to the question. I haven’t had this issue outside of doomemacs (in a basic Emacs configuration). So there might something in doomemacs causing this problem. How can I provide more information to help debug it?

Still having the issue, and I noticed it is triggered with C-c C-c to cancel what I was typing in a shell, or just by expanding a snippet and then manually deleting it.

Still having this issue, any help greatly appreciated.

Still having this issue, can anyone please help me debug this. Thank you!