Ws-butler-mode seems to break mu4e narrow searches

What happened?

This really took a while for me to narrow [sic!] down, but it looks like one of the last updates broke mu4e searches / narrows for me:

Regular searches still work, but trying to narrow down a search will yield a mu4e process error: [mu4e] Error 111: 13: unexpected character '#

Search prompt:

Error message:

The mu4e log:

:warning: It only seems to break the interactive search. Doing a (mu4e-search-narrow) via M-x still works.

What did you expect to happen?

This worked up until yesterday, so it must’ve been something that was introduced in the last weeks / months.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to a mu4e headers view
  2. Narrow down the search with /

System information

Loading data dump...

Didn’t find a solution yet, but I went back to abd29569 which does not have the problem. So it might be a regression or incompatibility with another setting.

I’m keeping an eye on the issue tracker.

Yup, me stumbles on the same problem. although it’s inconsistent - after a restart it works, but then something breaks it. mu4e-search-narrow would be broken as well.

Interesting. I wonder if this already warrants opening an issue to investigate this further. It could also be something in mu4e since it’s clearly building the wrong query.