Why is my path being shown as an ellipsis, and how do I reveal it?

What happened?

I’m adding a few packages as local repos to my packages.el. Following instructions here: https://github.com/m-fleury/isabelle-emacs/blob/dd794f715b2040a6b1c7b331b22b94719868affc/src/Tools/emacs-lsp/spacemacs_layers/isabelle/README.org#doom.

When I doom sync and doom/reload, the appearance of the first of these local paths—and just the first one—changes to omit the last few segments, replacing them with “…”. The real path is there, though; if I copy it to my clipboard I get the full path, and I can see it as expected outside of emacs. The affected path is identical to the second one, which is not affected.

I’ve tried org-reveal on it, although I’m not in org-mode, and as expected it doesn’t do anything.

What did you expect to happen?

I would like to just see the path as it is in the file, without any modifications or replacements, as I see all other paths.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Copy the bit for packages.el from https://github.com/m-fleury/isabelle-emacs/blob/dd794f715b2040a6b1c7b331b22b94719868affc/src/Tools/emacs-lsp/spacemacs_layers/isabelle/README.org#doom
  2. Update the paths as appropriate
  3. doom sync and doom/reload

System information

Loading data dump...

A redditor advised this:

(advice-add '+emacs-lisp-truncate-pin :override (lambda () ()) )

and it works! So I’d still like to understand what’s going on, but the problem’s at least solved for now.

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Got the same issue. I’m wondering too what’s happening, if someone know…

You can read the source code at doomemacs/autoload.el at 4e105a95af9c4c7e86471e5566eb7a5ff776ec92 · doomemacs/doomemacs · GitHub,

to summarize it (based on my not-so-great elisp knowledge):

Doom configures a function +emacs-lisp-truncate-pin that searches for :pin and then looks at the pin string, skipping a few characters. The function saves the beginning and end of the string it wants to hide and then instructs Emacs to display “…” instead. This function is added to the font-lock-keywords in doomemacs/config.el at 4e105a95af9c4c7e86471e5566eb7a5ff776ec92 · doomemacs/doomemacs · GitHub.

To turn it off, you can override the function that enables the displaying as you’re doing it right now or remove the “assignment” to font-lock-keywords. The latter looks harder to do to me.

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