Where is documentation for edebug?!

All keybindings are different than most of the scarce resources you can find on the internet already. A simple step by step tutorial would help A LOT:

  1. find defun you want to debug

you can do that by either pressing K (+lookup/documentation) to find it’s definition in helpful notes or by pressing g d (+lookup/definition) to go directly to the file.

  1. run edebug-defun (is this correct?!)
  2. run the function in the context/buffer you need to debug
  3. debugger starts, on the left there is cursor showing its current position image
  4. press n (edebug-next-mode) to proceed line by line.
  5. press S (edebug-stop) to stop debugger manually.


  • to “remove” edebug instrumentation from a defun function evaluate it again (for example by putting cursor (mark/point) in the function and pressing [<leader>](https://yusbk.github.io/2021/04/27/doom-emacs-tips/) m e d (eros-eval-defun)

Lack of this type of pragmatic documentation makes doom emacs way more difficult than it needs to be. Examples, examples, examples…

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