[web-site 404] "Back to module index" links are broken


So if we go to doomemacs’s org web-site and find ourselves at a page dedicated to any individual package in init.el – there’s a broken link there. It’s just at the top, click on “Back to module index” and off to https://docs.doomemacs.org/v21/#/modules it goes – straight into the 404. I’ve tested a number of pages in v.21.12/modules/ui/ and it seems reasonable to assume the broken link occurs on every page in that route. But don’t cite me on that.

I don’t think the source code for site is public so I can’t say for sure what’s wrong. But to me this looks like there’s a piece of code that gets included somewhere along the process of serving the route.

An easy way to fix the URL itself seems to be just to replace v21 with latest. So https://docs.doomemacs.org/**v21**/#/module turns into https://docs.doomemacs.org/**latest**/#/modules

While I was studying the scope of brokenness of the link, I also found a lot of links going the other way (broad → specific) that seem to broken as well.

  • Broken links: – can’t post as a new user –

Appears to be fixed. Thank you!

And sorry for confusing post, I just realized how confusing the original post was. Just coming back to it a few months later, I couldn’t understand where anything was in my message and for some reason I sabotaged the last two URLs with aterisks.