Vertico does not delete upper directory name in terminal Emacs

What happened?

I pressed backspace while using SPC f f with vertico and emacs -nw and only a single character was deleted before the cursor.

What did you expect to happen?

I expected to delete the entire upper folder name. Let’s say I have: ~/emacs-doom-config/some-folder/ When I press backspace, I expect to have something like this afterwards: ~/emacs-doom-config/

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable vertico in init.el
  2. Open emacs inside a terminal with either emacs -nw or emacsclient -c -nw -a=vim
  3. Press SPC f f
  4. Try to delete an upper folder name like the example before.

System information

Loading data dump...

Also, for some reason, it seems like backspace is bounded to vertico-directory-delete-char Emacs GUI, but it’s bounded to delete-backward-char inside Terminal Emacs.

I’ve confirmed this to be an issue with our :completion vertico module. This line, specifically. I.e. We’ve only bound the command to the [backspace] event, which only GUI Emacs sees.

Until I’ve deployed a fix, this will workaround the issue:

;;; add to $DOOMDIR/config.el
(map! :after vertico
      :map vertico-map 
      "DEL" #'vertico-directory-delete-char)
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This has been resolved in:

Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


Glad to be of help, and thanks for the fix! :)

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