Using Tmux-Pane when working with several windows

Several times when working on a project I open several windows on the same page and jump between them with the doom command

SPC w (hjkl)

But after some time I found it hard to hit three buttons to move one window so I searched for some alternatives to make my workflow better.

Finally, after using several packages I found which I consider the best option (in my opinion).

in packge.el add the line

(package! tmux-pane)

And simply call tmux-pane-mode from M-x or if you like, add a quick keybinding by adding the below lines in config.el

(map! :leader
      (:desc "toggle tmux pane"
       "t y" #'tmux-pane-mode))

After activating the tmux-pane-mode you only need to hold the Ctl button and navigate between the windows using the vim keys which is a faster wany and more efficient if you agree with me.

See the below gif.