Update Julia packages

Hi @hlissner !

I know that there is a DNP for modules. However, is it possible to open an exception and update the Julia packages? For example, every time you open a Julia file in Emacs 29, you will get an annoying warning unless you update julia-repl to the latest version.

I can submit a PR if you allow it.

Thanks! Ronan

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I think you could just unpin! the julia-repl package in your package.el, or am I wrong?

Yes! That’s what I am doing right now. However, I think this should be updated in Doom for a better default user experience.

  1. Henrik has had some awful luck with internet access going out then moving country, so it’s going to take a bit
  2. There’s already Add julia +snail by Emiller88 · Pull Request #6578 · doomemacs/doomemacs · GitHub
  3. It could be nice to also think about using the Julia tree sitter work soon
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