Unable to "spell check" on Arch / Arch based systems

What happened?

Hello all, I am unsure if just arch specific / Doom specific/ or emacs specific. But when trying to write anything, it gives me the error:

Company-Ispell: lookup-words error: No plain word-list found at systemdefault locations.  Customize ‘ispell-alternate-dictionary’ to set yours.

Within the messages buffer and I am unable to spell check anything. The caveat (I have downloaded hunspell-+english, aspell-+english, enchant) however is that this works completely fine within Fedora and Ubuntu (However it may not be working on Debian but I have not tested that fully). Is there a additional step for arch based systems?

This happened both on Garuda and Endeavor

What did you expect to happen?

Typed inside of plain text buffer and spell check commence. Instead got error only on Arch. This additionally occurs with both non custom and custom doom emacs

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start Org buffer
  2. Type
  3. unable to spell check

System information

Loading data dump...

In my case, I need to install community/words. It brings /usr/share/dict/words, which is the default value of ispell-alternate-dictionary.

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