Ugly icons in treemacs

What happened?

After the recent change from all-the-icons to nerd-icons treemacs icons are (in my opinion) very ugly. Is there a way to customize/theme them?


System information

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There’s been a switch from all-the-icons to nerd-icons, that might be the reason.

Long story short:

You can add a package in packages.el

(package! treemacs-nerd-icons :pin "9876cb478145a0ec4e36f64ff6583f3de7126216")

And then activate this in your config

(use-package treemacs-nerd-icons
  :after treemacs
  (treemacs-load-theme "nerd-icons"))

And hopefully it’ll be solved. I didn’t test the :after stuff so maybe you’ll need to call that again. Feel free to send a PR to patch this if you feel like it once you tested it. I don’t use treemacs at all so I don’t see myself changing stuff there.

There’ll be a PR shortly to address it

As of fix(treemacs): replace all-the-icons with nerd-icons · doomemacs/doomemacs@57965f1 · GitHub this should be resolved.

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Just upgraded and can confirm it is fixed. Thanks!

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