Try drag n drop in org-mode and inline image resize

Hello all,

I use org-mode a lot and one of its cool features are in-line image that I can toggle on/off which is great for presentation purposes but most of the time the images are loaded to the org-mode on full size and it become too big on the screen and needed to find a way to resize it.

I found two great packages that work well with the org-mode (also dired) to enable the drag and drop and also made a quick snippet to change the image size to make it manageable

The two packages are:

;; to be added to package.el
(package! org-download)
(package! org-ros)

by adding the line above the inline image you can change the size to the value you want (I made it of width 300 for demonstration)

#+ATTR_ORG: :width 300

Please see the attached gif out

I by default have this in my (after! org block: (setq org-image-actual-width 600) so that I don’t run into these huge images in the first place, though I noticed with i3 drag and drop sometimes it doesn’t go as smooth because the window focus doesn’t change when drag and dropping

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Thanks Riccaedo,

I did not know that I can set the actual width.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try it

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