Transient mode suffix

What happened?

I installed gptel, when running gptel-menu, everything works, except RET to get the response:

Unbound suffix: ‘’ (Use ‘C-g’ to abort, ‘?’ for help) [+org/dwim-at-point] [17 times]

I can click with the mouse on it and I’ll get a response.

What did you expect to happen?

To get a response

Steps to reproduce


(package! gptel)

and config.el:

(use-package! gptel
  (setq! gptel-api-key (lambda () (shell-command-to-string "pass gptel | tr -d '\n'")))
  (gptel-make-anthropic "Claude"          ;Any name you want
                        :stream t                             ;Streaming responses
                        :key (lambda () (shell-command-to-string "pass gptel-anthropic | tr -d '\n'")))
  (gptel-make-ollama "Ollama"             ;Any name of your choosing
                     :host "localhost:11434"               ;Where it's running
                     :stream t                             ;Stream responses
                     :models '("phi3:3.8b"))               ;List of models

System information

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