Term toggle configuration

Is it possible to tell term toggle to use a different shell? I think it defaults to term, but term doesn’t work (Spawning child process: Invalid argument) on one of my systems (Windows). I would like to set it to use eshell.

By “term toggle”, I assume you mean the SPC o t key (or C-c o t for vanilla users).

What term SPC o t toggles depends on which of Doom’s :term modules you have enabled. Enable the :term eshell module to make it toggle eshell.

Sorry for my ignorance, yes I meant SPC o t. When I described that key it told me it called +term/toggle so I just assumed that was the function. You’re absolutely correct that if I comment :term term and uncomment, say, :term vterm, SPC o t will call +vterm/toggle instead.

With only :term eshell though, SPC o t is unbound.

Hey Henrik!

Oh, my bad. Since it’s common for folks to use eshell with another terminal emulator (like vterm), its toggle command is on SPC o e instead. SPC o t will toggle vterm/term/shell instead.

Perfect, thank you! I’ll try to get better at searching through SPC ? more in the future.

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