Tabs disappear when certain files are loaded

What happened?

When I open config.el or init.el the Tab-Bar appears normal. But as soon as I open a .patch, .rs or .ebuild file, it disappears. Apparently the bar is still there, only the tabs are not displayed. When i do M-x centaur-tabs-mode the bar disappears. (like it should, I only did this for testing what I am seeing there)

I also can not switch between tabs with g-t or g-T once the tabs disappear. When I press g-t is says “Wrong type argument: stringp, (Git “~/guru/”)” at the bottom.

I commented my whole config.el out to make sure it’s not because I configured something wrong. Problem is still there.

What did you expect to happen?

Tabs are there regardless of the file.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open init.el / config.el
  2. Tabs are there
  3. Open some other .patch, .rs or .ebuild, tabs disappear

System information

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I jumped the 27.2 real quick and have the same issue.

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I deleted ~/.doom.d for my user and ~/.emacs.d, then reinstalled doom with clone the github repo and running doom install. Problem is still there.
The problem came when I did a doom upgrade a few days ago. Is there a way to revert the tabs package to an earlier version?

You can have a look here to read about pinning package versions: doom-emacs/ at 6bf725837def83acd140d9431d799c8b09abebf3 · hlissner/doom-emacs · GitHub


thanks for your reply. I tried checking out tabs with a commit that certainly is older than what I used before the upgrade, but is still behaves like this.

But I figured something new out. It is not the type of file, that is causing this behavior, it is when this file is in a git repository. Maybe it has something to do with how centaur-tabs groups things by default.

This seems to be an issue with centaur tabs together with projectile.

Thanks to u/ocramoidev on reddit, who figured this out for me.

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