Startup hanging at blank screen - after change theme to "solarized-light" macOS

I am new to emacs. I installed it on my AWS workstation but last night I also installed emacs and doom on my Mac, thinking maybe I could remote into the instance on my AWS machine. I saw someone on the internet had this “solarized-light” theme and it seems to be included in doom.

I changed the theme in config.el to solarized-light and then ran doom sync. I then started up emacs and instead of the splash / home screen the screen is just blank. It seems to stay that way until I start hitting the : key. When the home screen does appear, nothing seems to work - no key combinations really work. The theme does seem like it was applied but it looks different in the terminal which I am using vs the screenhots I saw of the other user.

When I revert back to the default theme this problem instantly goes away.

What happens if you try changing the theme via SPC h t / C-h t (consult-theme)?

hi. When I do that the theme changes but then when I exit emacs and re-enter, the theme reverts to what was in the config. is that expected behavior?

Yes, that just confirms that the theme can load without issue.

Now in your config do you have (setq doom-theme 'doom-solarized-light)?

I commented it out and went back to the default theme.

I’m saying you should check your spelling :stuck_out_tongue:

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