Sponsoring of developers of important packages used in Doom

I did not find any information if the funding from GitHub sponsors for doom also benefit in a way the developers of used packages. For example, I was thinking about minad (https://github.com/sponsors/minad) whose completion framework is the default in doom.

It doesn’t. Or I’d be VERY VERY surprised. The best way to do it is to fund directly minad through gh sponsors.

Basically GH sponsors means that GH has financial information on Henrik to send the money directly to him, and at that point, you have no guarantee (except the trust that you put on someone else with money) that there’s a redistribution happening. I do not know how money is handled in organizations (they likely have an accountant role that makes sure that stuff goes right and is accountable to someone else in power), but it’s not relevant here anyway.

So if you want to support minad or teco or tarsius or someone else, the best way is to go to their socials/blog and find out there directly

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