SPC w k not working as expected with Sly REPL

What happened?

In Doom Emacs, when using the Sly package for Common Lisp development, I have encountered an issue with window navigation. My window layout for coding consists of 2 or 3 vertical windows and a REPL popup in the bottom row. I jump to the REPL with SPC w j (or a function provided by the Sly module). When I try to jump back to the last window using SPC w k or SPC w C-p (evil-window-mru), the cursor jumps to the leftmost window on the top, instead of the previously selected window.

What did you expect to happen?

The cursor should jump back to the window that was active before jumping to the REPL, regardless of its position in the window layout.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Split frame three ways (2 x SPC w v)
  2. Open a Lisp file in the middle window
  3. Start a REPL (SPC m r s) - cursor should jump to it automatically
  4. Jump back from the REPL with SPC w k or SPC w C-p

System information

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