SPC or M-x not showing options below after free new installation on Mac OS Sonoma

What happened?

received my brand new MacBook Air M2 and first thing I installed Xcode, brew and emacs-plus. Then the doom emacs. All seems to work ok but when pressing SPC or M-x there’s no option shown. I executed some commands as I remember the letters from my other system but there is no option shown to search. f

What did you expect to happen?

when pressing SPC or M-x the options are shown below

Steps to reproduce

  1. install Xcode, brew, emacs-plus
  2. install doom emacs
  3. doom sync
  4. open emacs and press SPC or M-x
  5. no option is shown

System information

Loading data dump...

when using the mouse if I click over the empty space after SPC a message is shown: Error (doom-first-input-hook): Error running hook “evil-snipe-mode” because: (file-missing Cannot open load file No such file or directory evil-snipe)