SPC / (+default/search-project) jumps to wrong line in file

What happened?

I have a bunch of .org files, and use SPC / to search through them. Once I get some search results and navigate to one of, it jumps to file containing that search result, but wrong line. This only happens first time when file is opened (if there is no buffer for this file yet).

What did you expect to happen?

It should jump to exact place in file where it matched my search.

Steps to reproduce

Search for string in multiple .org files contained in project using SPC / and vertico (I think it is down to vertico, ivy works as expected on same project/search).

System information

Loading data dump...

I can’t really reproduce this. Can you provide a MWE? A few org files I can put in a directory so we’re testing on the same files?

Hah, I just tried to make it, and right now I cannot reproduce even on case where I had issue before. What I did in-between was change vertico to ivy and sync, and now back to vertico and sync again. I’ll keep an eye when this happens and if I manage to reproduce with test files will send over.

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