[solved] Quickly add languages to 1.5 trillionthousandhundred code blocks

Never mind…

I used



#+begin_src conf

I’m gonna leave it up for dummies like me. Mods please delete or move if you need to.


Is there a way to quickly add languages to every source block inside of a buffer?

What happened?

I did a dumb and created a whole literate config for i3wm without adding languages to blocks.

What did you expect to happen?

I am a total newbmeister and didn’t realize that the proper “language” for something like config files was literally config so I added nothing. I assumed it would just tangle plain text, I guess… :person_shrugging:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Be dumb noob
  2. Write whole config file
  3. Write a post on Doom Discourse hoping you’ll get some sympathy help :pleading_face:

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