Smartparens config breaks normal behavior in org-mode

What happened?

When I type \(( in a org buffer, smartparens should append )\), but it appends \) in contrast to text/elisp buffers.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Emacs
  2. Open org-file
  3. Switch to insert mode
  4. Type \((

System information


I „fixed“ it by removing

    (dolist (brace '("(" "{" "["))
      (sp-pair brace nil
               :post-handlers '(("||\n[i]" "RET") ("| " "SPC"))
               ;; Don't autopair opening braces if before a word character or
               ;; other opening brace. The rationale: it interferes with manual
               ;; balancing of braces, and is odd form to have s-exps with no
               ;; whitespace in between, e.g. ()()(). Insert whitespace if
               ;; genuinely want to start a new form in the middle of a word.
               :unless '(sp-point-before-word-p sp-point-before-same-p)))

from ~/.emacs.d/modules/config/default/config.el.

Why not an issue?

I’m using version 29.0.50, an unsupported release of emacs, so a discourse topic is probably more appropriate.

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