Set-popup-rule! on existing popup rule duplicate item

What happened?

set-popup-rule! duplicates item

What did you expect to happen?

I’m not sure. If I try to overwrite an existing popup-rule, defined as one with an existing regexp, it adds a duplicate entry.


  1. A warning is given that there’s a duplicate
  2. It overwrites the default setting

Steps to reproduce

In config.el

  '(("^\\*Org Src"
     :slot 20 :side right :size 0.5 :select t)))

Inspect +popup–display-buffer-alist, there are two entries with “^\*Org Src”. Doom pick the first one.

One perhaps hacky solution is to delay the setting of popup-rule until after the default is loaded. Then my custom one appear above in the list.

System information

Loading data dump...


If there’s a hook to use for this it solves the problem. I.e. a “run-after-doom-is-finished-loading-its-stuff-hook”. Does that one exist?

Otherwise, it’s possible to use e.g. (after! org …) for the particular example above. But then, how does one customize say the info buffer?

I think for cases (after! ...) is preferable. For exceptional case doom-after-init-hook should work. If that is not late enough you can try doom-first-buffer-hook. Doom has a quite a few hooks, you can search for them using SPC h v doom hook and you might find a more better one for this purpose.

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there are two entries with “^*Org Src”. Doom pick the first one.

That’s not a bug, but a feature of association lists. See Association Lists.

Association lists are often used to record information that you might otherwise keep on a stack, since new associations may be added easily to the front of the list. When searching an association list for an association with a given key, the first one found is returned, if there is more than one.

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