Set-popup-rule! ignore not working for helm

I am trying to use (setq helm-split-window-inside-p t), which should open helm at the bottom of the window the point is in instead of at the bottom of the frame. I found Helm split-window-inside-p broken · Issue #430 · doomemacs/doomemacs · GitHub and Added helm to the popup ignore list by azy2 · Pull Request #437 · doomemacs/doomemacs · GitHub and can reproduce, that this works indeed when I deactivate the module popups. I figured, that the macro to set a pop-up rule changed in the meantime, so I activated the pop-ups module again and tried this in my config:

(setq helm-split-window-inside-p t))
(set-popup-rule! "^\\*helm" :ignore t))

What happened?

Helm opens at the bottom of the frame.

What did you expect to happen?

Helm opens at the bottom of the window the point is in.

Steps to reproduce

  1. put
(setq helm-split-window-inside-p t))
(set-popup-rule! "^\\*helm" :ignore t))

in config 2. restart emacs 3. split the window using SPC w s

System information

(I know this is emacs 29 on WSL, but I can also reproduce this on emacs 28 on my other computer with native gentoo)

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