RTL text displays with characters in reverse order


I’ve migrated my config from linux to windows, and I have a problem with buffers containing RTL text (hebrew in my case) - while the alignment works the way it should (I use (setq bidi-paragraph-direction nil) ), and words are displayed in the correct order, the actual characters in the text are displayed in the reverse order within each word, words i.e:

olleH !dlrow

and words seem also to be cut off at some point:


This is true both for existing buffers and for writing in new buffers.

Any clues? Thanks!

היי מה נשמע :)

Have you tried turning on the :input bidi module (take a look at it’s readme as well, it might require some manual setup on your end)? I don’t think I’ve run in to this specific font issue, but if turning that on doesn’t fix it, the module probably needs some improvements.


I didn’t realize it existed… I works! Thanks.

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