Projectile does not seem to consider non-git repos

What happened?

Projectile does not treat a non-git repo as a proper root for a project

What did you expect to happen?

SPC, p, f should not have asked what project to go to. It should have just shown a list of files for that directory and all subdirectories.

Steps to reproduce

Open Doom Emacs Use spc+. to search for a file in a future project without a git repo or a .projectile file Once opened that file, use SPC f a to add project root to list. Close Emacs and reopen project with SPC SPC Use SPC, p, f, it asks for a list of projects as if it is not in one.

It does work properly if a project has a git repo. In fact projectile will ignore the project set root and use the git repo root if it is in a subdirectory of that git repo.

System information

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I think this is a known problem with Projectile, probably Doom is not to blame here. I thought about checking the Projectile repository, sometimes the issue is upstream.

Here’s some issues that look related:

Thx @jman,

Looks like Projectile has slowed down and it is difficult to contribute to.

Hlissner wants to replace it with project.el Is it possible to remove the dependencies to projectile (replace it with project.el)? · Issue #6291 · doomemacs/doomemacs · GitHub

A status here.

Trying to find if there is a public fork of this to test.

Hi @hlissner,

Sorry to tag you like this; was not sure of how else to find out this information. Is there a public branch of the work to replace Projectile with project.el that I can test or contribute to?

For subprojects in a git repo or projects without a git repo Doom Emacs is essentially broken for me.