Problem with plantuml src block results

What happened?

code block #+results not as expected.

here is the code block.

#+begin_src plantuml :results verbatim
Bob -> Alice : Hello World!

And the in-buffer #+results shows:

: /tmp/babel-L6d4HJ/plantuml-Wwy1pV.png

What did you expect to happen?

When executing a plantuml code block with the parameter “:results verbatim”, the in-buffer #+results should be an ascii diagram like below not a file or image.

,---.          ,-----.
|Bob|          |Alice|
`-+-'          `--+--'
  | Hello World!  |   
,-+-.          ,--+--.
|Bob|          |Alice|
`---'          `-----'

Steps to reproduce

  1. fresh doomemacs install
  2. uncommented plantuml module in init.el
  3. adding the code below to config.el:
 '((plantuml . t))) ; this line activates plantuml

(setq plantuml-jar-path "/usr/share/java/plantuml/plantuml.jar"
      org-plantuml-jar-path "/usr/share/java/plantuml/plantuml.jar"

System information

Loading data dump...

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