Problem with add-transient-hook! in a function call

What happened?

{{{Explain what went wrong.}}} I was using add-transient-hook! in a function, which I invoked multiple times, and in the end only 1 function was added to the hook.

What did you expect to happen?

I was expecting all the functions to be added to the hook variable.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Declare a function and a hook, i.e.
(defvar foo-hook nil "My hook.")

(defun foo()
  (add-transient-hook! 'foo-mode (message "foo")))
  1. Invoke foo once. Now, the value of foo-hook is doom-transient-hook<number>
  2. Invoke foo again. Now, the value of foo-hook is the same. The second function is not added.

When redefining the function (eval-last-sexp) and invoking it, the same process is repeated – only 1 function is added (2 in total) and the rest are not.

I suspect (but not sure) it has something to do with the fact that add-transient-hook! calculates the transient function’s name at macro expansion time. From the macro definition:

;; add-transient-hook!
;; ...
  (let ((append? (if (eq (car forms) :after) (pop forms)))
        (fn (gensym "doom-transient-hook")))
    `(let ((sym ,hook-or-function))
       (defun ,fn (&rest _)
      ;; ...

System information

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