Problem finding the right loading sequence to override `contrib-roam2.el` elements

I am trying to override the face used by doom-hierarchy elements from the org-roam-display-template.

I use the theme doom-dark+, and the problem is that ‘filetitle’ and ‘olp’ elements use 'face 'shadow and it is unreadable when using org-roam-node-find in Vertico (especially for the selected candidate).

Since I could not find faces to customize the ‘usual’ way, I resolved to copy to my config.el the cl-defmethod I found in modules/lang/org/autoload/contrib-roam2.el and modify the faces used for each element there.

It works fine after doom-reload, but not on startup. I tried as usual to execute the code after the doom module is loaded, but I am not having any luck figuring out how to do it.

I englobed the cl-defmethod in a (after! ...) statement, and tried the following:

  • since the module is in the org namespace: (after! org ...)
  • (after! org-roam), (after! (org org-roam) ...)
  • since I am using faces from outline: (after! (org org-roam outline))
  • also tried adding an :after-hook statement hoping it would run after any kind of lazy loading defered stuff.

At the end of it all all attempts work after M-x doom-reload, none on startup. I leave the code for my last attempt below.

Thank you for your time.

(after! (org outline org-roam)
  :after-hook 'org-roam-mode-hook
  (cl-defmethod org-roam-node-doom-hierarchy ((node org-roam-node))
    "Return hierarchy for NODE, constructed of its file title, OLP and direct title.
If some elements are missing, they will be stripped out."
    (let ((title     (org-roam-node-title node))
          (olp       (org-roam-node-olp   node))
          (level     (org-roam-node-level node))
          (filetitle (org-roam-node-doom-filetitle node))
          (separator (propertize org-eldoc-breadcrumb-separator 'face 'outline-8)))
      (cl-case level
        ;; node is a top-level file
        (0 filetitle)
        ;; node is a level 1 heading
        (1 (concat (propertize filetitle 'face '(outline-5 italic))
                   separator title))
        ;; node is a heading with an arbitrary outline path
        (t (concat (propertize filetitle 'face '(outline-5 italic))
                   separator (propertize (string-join olp separator) 'face '(outline-6 italic))
                   separator title))))))

I finally solved it by changing the doom-hierarchy accessor name to my-hierarchy as follows: (cl-defmethod org-roam-node-my-hierarchy ....

Took me a while for quite a simple solution :slight_smile:

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