Preview files everywhere

I am looking for a way to preview files at a cursor in various buffers:

  • find file dialog
  • dired
  • in locate dialog
  • under a link

By preview I imagine showing them in a separate window without opening them.

There’s been a similar question on emacs stackexchange:

but… it’s a bit overwhelming, that and figuring out how it may fit into doom emacs? I realize it’s a broad question, but at least is it reasonably achievable for a newcomer to configure, or would it require configuring each and every package separately. It would be useful to know whether to bite the bullet or keep going down this rabbit hole.

Also a bit converning is the fact that treemacs has a Preview opion (under “P” key), but it’s a bit slower than expected, previews take a second or so to come up.

I’m also looking into Icicles right now.


I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re after (“without opening” → “without losing focus”?).

I checked treemacs preview’s P (TIL, thanks!) and, if you’re using vertico, give embark-preview a look! It’s bound to C-SPC:


Previews candidate in vertico buffer, unless it's a consult command
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