Possible frequent committer badge issue

I have the committer badge, but not the frequent committer badge, even though I qualify. How is the automation for that set up?

I think it checks the email address used for the account against the commits in the repository. The view github gives coalesces:

  • all the email addresses in your github account
  • and all the commits you might have made in the UI which ends up being commits with a noreply email address.

If I remember correctly Discourse plugin also underestimated my commit count until I added the email address I use for my Discourse account to my Github profile. And even then it’ll stay underestimated because I pushed a lot of small patches from the website directly.

Maybe if you’re using SSO that wouldn’t be an issue, but I’m not so I can’t help

I am using the same email address in both, and I do have other valid git badges (contrib and great contrib). I also don’t really do commits from the Github UI, so that probably isn’t it.

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