Per project ignore files with `.projectile` directive not working as expected

What happened?

I am trying to ignore files in a given project by using .projectile file with -*.svg (Ignore all SVG files for now) within it. But even after clearing project cache, it still show up.

Official document does says the same here: Projectile Doc

What did you expect to happen?

in Find file in project SVG files still comes up but according to config it shouldn’t.

Steps to reproduce

  1. For a given project create .projectile file
  2. Add -*.svg to it
  3. Clear all the cache, and run Find file in project.

System information

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what is the value of projectile-indexing-method the doom default is hybrid which should let this work, you can also use a .ignore file which tools such as rg and git respect

I did eval : 'projectile-indexing-method but it did not print anything. I am pretty sure that I haven’t change anything in the config so it should be default. But I am surprised that eval did not print anything for me.

check the value using SPC h v projectile-indexing-method RET

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It is set to hybrid, still the .projectile config did not get respected.

Does it still show up if you put it in a .ignore file?

yes, it did touch .ignore file, and still its coming up even after clearing the project cache.

No I mean put your ignore rules in the .ignore file

I have <projectroot>/.ignore with -*.svg : still I see the files

I also have <projectroot>/directory/.ignore with -*.svg but still no change.

I have found it!

basically you need the forward / to tell projectile to search from the root.

try adding -/*.svg into your .projectile file and see if that fixes it

still the same for me.

<project root>/.projectile has -/*.ttf but I still see ttf files and same applies to svg as well.