Peculiar performance problem with doom-snippets with (layout +bepo)

What happened?

Hi, I’ve been trying to debug a performance issue I am facing when (layout +bepo) is enabled.

The problem, is that Emacs is being really sluggish in some area when using this module. Specifically, while using which-key or prompting M-x takes a few seconds, where it is instantaneous (besides the normal idle-delay for which-key) in vanilla Emacs.

My really poor attempt at debugging this issue, led me to believe doom-snippets is causing the issue.

I ran multiple doom/toggle-profiler, the difference between vanilla and with (layout +bepo) enabled is that Emacs seems to call evil-after-load often, which in turns, loads multiple instance of doom-snippets-initialize. Here’s the relevant part of the profiler:

                       1264  50%       - which-key–propertize-description
                       1215  48%        - byte-code
                       1209  48%         - eval-after-load
                        306  12%          - #<compiled 0x1f40096f955d>
                        306  12%           + doom-snippets-initialize
                        302  12%          - #<compiled 0x1f40096f955d>
                        302  12%           + doom-snippets-initialize
                        302  12%          + #<compiled 0x1f40096f955d>
                        299  11%          + #<compiled 0x1f40096f955d>

Unfortunately, this is where my knowledge on debugging issue ends. I feel that I’ve found what’s responsible for my poor performance, but not the underlying problem. Why is there a call to eval-after-load when using (layout +bepo), but not in vanilla Emacs.

The complete profiler output with vanilla Doom Emacs and (layout +bepo) enabled: Test sequence:

  1. run doom/toggle-profiler
  2. SPC h … (wait for which-key menu to appear)
  3. T, which run doom/toggle-profiler

and the same test sequence without (layout +bepo):

Maybe @gagbo might have an idea? (I know you’re not really using bépo anymore, so sorry for the ping)

I also know that Doom is undergoing a massive refactor and the issue might take some time to get resolved, in the meantime, I’ll try to see if I can live without doom-snippets or without the bépo module.

What did you expect to happen?

Similar performance to the vanilla Doom Emacs experience.

Steps to reproduce

  1. enable the layout module with +bepo flag in init.el (layout +bepo)
  2. try to prompt a which-key entry (SPC h) or M-x
  3. observe abnormal delays to show the which-key menu or M-x prompt

System information

This is my current doom/info, profilers were run with vanilla Doom Emacs, though.

Loading data dump...

Does the performance stay bad or is it horrible only the first time. Which-key triggers a lot of hooks and loads, which trigger a lot of eval-after-load and possibly a lot of evil-collection-setup-hook invocations. I don’t know why it triggers snippets that much, but I wouldn’t be surprised that the first invocation takes significantly more time than without the module

It is every time that which-key or M-x is invoked. The performance aren’t degraded by much, M-x was instant, now it’s a second or two, which-key can take a bit longer. It’s not too bad, but enough to make it very frustrating at times.

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