`org-knit` development


Generic Org publishing utility, for tangling and weaving documents.

Knitting is an activity that relates to both tangling and weaving, hence the name. This role this serves is also similar to R’s knitr, and so an obvious association seems beneficial.

Task List

  • callable command line script
  • list (and use) possible export formats
  • syncronous export
  • asyncronous export
  • stdout mode
  • code block execution
  • code tangling
  • support all of org-tangle's features
  • loading files first
  • error handling
  • async thread limiting

Known Issues


A quick google is failing to find source for org-knit. Is there a link to go for quick download?

It’s just an open PR that I need to get back to at some point: Org knit by tecosaur · Pull Request #4065 · doomemacs/doomemacs · GitHub