Org-fancy-priorities do not show in org-ql buffer

What happened?

I don’t see fancy priorities in my org-ql buffers.

I use org-ql and :lang (org +pretty). +pretty uses org-fancy-priorities. Fancy priorities work in the general agenda view. In org-ql-view buffers (which are of mode org-agenda), the org-fancy-priorities minor mode is enabled. So far so good.

However, the priorities look regular ([#C]) instead of having the “fancy” overlay.

When I disable and re-enable the org-fancy-priorities minor mode in an org-ql view buffer, the priority becomes fancy, but other org faces, like bold or colors, are removed from the TODO states. Once I r reload the buffer, org-ql re-writes it and the fancy priorities are lost again.

The following screenshot shows the org todo list on the left and the org-ql list on the right. Notice how, on the right, the priorities are not “fancy”.


What did you expect to happen?

I would expect fancy priorities in my org-ql buffers.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Do org-ql-search

System information

Loading data dump...

Any idea how I can use org-fancy-priorities in combination with org-ql?

Thank you for your help!

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