Org Beamer Doesn't Display Correctly in Doom Emacs

What happened?

Using org beamer to create a presentation doesn’t display columns and many other “advanced” org beamer features. I’ve attempted to use the beamer example from the org wiki here: A Beamer example (The Org Manual) . This text file gives the error lateError.txt (15.6 KB) . Running emacs --no-init and suffering through base emacs, I can export to beamer just fine.

What did you expect to happen?

The example org beamer code should have ran and produced a presentation with blocks and columns.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Copy the example code from A Beamer example (The Org Manual)
  2. From that buffer run org-beamer-export-to-pdf
  3. Cry because your pdf didn’t load.

System information

Loading data dump...

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