Org-agenda-log-mode does not display time for certain states

What happened?

The states [ ] , [-] and [X] from the org-todo-keywords don’t appear with a time in the agenda using org-agenda-log-mode


Tuesday    25 October 2022
  inbox:      10:00 ┄┄┄┄┄ State:     (DONE) DONE Test1 TODO -> DONE
  inbox:      State:     ([X]) [X] Test2 [ ] -> [X]

The headline with Test2 is displayed without the time. Both headlines have a LOGBOOK drawer that does look the same.

- State "DONE"       from "TODO"       [2022-10-25 Tue 10:00]

* [X] Test2 [ ] -> [X]
- State "[X]"        from "[ ]"        [2022-10-25 Tue 10:00]

Further it seems like all todo keywords that start with [ and end with ] are not displayed with the corresponding time but below the time-grid with State: in front like seen above.

I believe I tracked down the function that generates the State: entries ( but I am not really able to understand the function and what is causing this behavior as I am fairly new to emacs/elisp

Is there someway to show the tasks with the checkbox style todo keywords with time?

Is this a bug or a feature that I can configure?

What did you expect to happen?

The headline with “Test2” should also appear with a time like Test1.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Insert the headings from above into an org-agenda-file
  2. Open the org-agenda with log-mode or enable log-mode

System information

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