No ligatures appear even though ligature support is ativated + there are side effects on fonts displayed in "regular" buffers

What happened?

Although I’ve enabled (ligatures +fira) in init.el, and downloaded the pathched fonts (I’m on emacs 27) I don’t get ligatures where I expect them to be.

As a side effect I get empty rectangles instead of colons (:) in org-mode buffers.

What did you expect to happen?

Ligatures should appear instead of e.g ++ and =>.

: should remain unaffected.

Steps to reproduce

  1. enable ligature support
  2. install patched fonts
  3. visit buffers with relevant text

System information

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Please review Before you ask for help… and update the post to include all of the template. As of now, your posts lacks too much information to help you.

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