Mu4e spell checker: identify and configure


I’d like to understand

  1. which spell checker is automatically run when I compose an email with mu4e and
  2. if I can configure a command to switch spell checking to a different language. Currently it seems to be configured to autosuggests English.

The :checkers section of my init.el:

       syntax              ; tasing you for every semicolon you forget
       ;;(spell +flyspell) ; tasing you for misspelling mispelling
       ;;grammar           ; tasing grammar mistake every you make

My full doom config is here.

The only hint that something is happening is the message "Starting "look" process... in the modeline at every keystroke in a new email buffer, which unfortunately is not enough for me to figure out this. What is this “look” process?

I’m sure I could answer my own question, if only I knew where to search. Any pointers are appreciated.


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