[Mu4e]: Open more than one email at a time

What happened?

I’m unable to find a sleek and easy workflow to open multiple emails at the same time (for example in a new centaur-tab (as in thunderbird) or in a split window) with excellent mu4e module from @tecosaur. For now, I have to manually do clone-buffer for each mail I want to keep seeing and it doesn’t fit my workflow very well.

I’ve opened a new feature request for this on github, but it’s perhaps best to ask here.

What did you expect to happen?

I whish mu4e will keep the last email buffer open when opening a new one in the mu4e-headers

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open one email in mu4e
  2. If you want to see another one you have to clone the last buffer
  3. Go back to mu4e-headers
  4. Open another email
  5. Select the cloned buffer or split current window and select the cloned buffer

Quite a lot of steps for me. My workflow may be completely wrong by the way so feel free to get me in the right path.

Thanks. Happy dooming :)

System information

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As far as I know, that is inherent to the design of mu4e. I used mu4e briefly and then I used the workaround to rename the buffer. Maybe there are hooks in mu4e you could use to automatically clone/rename the message buffer?

Notmuch is designed to work this way by default btw. It of course has some other trade-offs, like not having an equally nice Doom module or the inferior html support.

Thanks @Lejon for your kind feedback. So I’m not the only one to face this roughness with mu4e workflow. I don’t know lisp for the moment so it will be difficult for me to identify those hooks but that’s indeed a path that should be investigated. That’s the quality of the mu4e module that push me towards mu4e and not notmuch. But I may experiment it according to your feedback. Thanks again.

Would this work for you?

  1. SPC o m
  2. SPC w V
  3. Open desired message.
  4. Switch back to leftside buffer.
  5. Open desired message.

@fosskers thank you very much :wink:

Sorry, I was probably not clear. My problem is to read the content of different emails at the same time but not to see the content of an email and the list of all emails (*mu4e-headers* buffer) at the same time.

I’ve just installed a fresh 28.1 emacs and doom 3.0.0. With the suggested workflow the contents of the emails are always opened in the same *Article* buffer; at least with my fresh doom installation.

Perhaps I misunderstood something. Anyway, thank you very much for your kind help.

See View multiple messages at the same time · Issue #905 · djcb/mu · GitHub.

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Thanks a lot @tecosaur, very useful !

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