Moving from Obsidian MD to Emacs

I currently use Obsidian. I use it to take notes on all my learning topis (Front End Web Development). It’s good, but I think Emacs could be better. Here’s my question:

I’m going to move my notes over to emacs, but how do I organise them? I Obsidian, I have a Learning folder with sub-folders for HTML, CSS, JS etc. I know it could be done the same way in Emacs, but something feels wrong.

I feel like in emacs, it should all be in one org-roam folder, and have one node leading to another, which leads to a topic, which leads to individual notes etc. Is this a better way of doing it, or am I just overthinking it?

Thanks for you help.

You can keep the exact same structure as what you currently have in Obsidian. But org-roam implies also changing your notes from markdown to org-mode, so the path to migration isn’t really as easy.

If you really want to go the org-roam way, you can try to find a migration tool and just put everything in a single folder. Or you can try to emulate another specific method by programming it.

You can also try to use something else like Denote which supports md files.

In the end, for those endeavours, I always find it better to just try to start from “what works for you” and then find/tweak tooling to go towards it; rather than picking a solution first and then try to guess how you should use it. So you may ignore my message if you find that it’s too vague/irrelevant

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Yes, I think you’re right. I’m probably overthinking it a little. I did see a package called Obsidian.el, which I’ll certainly look at, I was just wondering if anyone else was crazy enough to go from Obsidian to Emacs. I’ve seen plenty of people go the other way, but that’s borring :rofl:

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