M-SPC not bound to leader key when evil-mode is disabled

What happened?

I disabled evil-mode to try out emacs bindings. Hit M-SPC to get the leader-key and menu

What did you expect to happen?

M-SPC to work as leader key

Steps to reproduce

  1. M-X evil-mode → evil-mode disabled
  2. M-SPC

This inserts a simple space on my config. helpful-key gives the following:

just-one-space is an interactive and byte-compiled function defined in

(just-one-space &optional N)

Delete all spaces and tabs around point, leaving one space (or N spaces).

If N is negative, delete newlines as well, leaving -N spaces.
See also cycle-spacing.

View in manual

Key Bindings
esc-map SPC
global-map M-SPC

just-one-space is unused in simple.el.gz.

System information

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