Ltex-ls is a good alternative for grammar checking

I noticed that lsp-mode offers a client for ltex-ls which is basically an LSP server for using LanguageTools, a tool to perform grammatical check and more.

I was thinking: well, Doom already facilitates checking our grammar and style with :checkers grammar spell, grammar module already using langtool which brings LanguageTools into Emacs.

However, ltex-ls has support for 8 markup languages, which are: BibTEX, ConTEXt, LATEX, Markdown, Org, reStructuredText, R Sweave and XHTML. And this is not limited to markup languages, but also supports checking in comments for 39 different programming languages.

I’m unsure if this lsp server can be used in plain text files with no markup at all, but it may be the case given how versatile it is.

For people using eglot, there is a package that adds support for ltex-ls LSP server called eglot-ltex.

It would be great to add another flag for :checkers grammar and/or :checkers spell to use ltex-ls instead of aspell and langtool, or entirely change everything to just use ltex-ls underneath.

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