LSP doesn't install beacount language server

What happened?

I’ve uncommented doom’s beancount package with a +lsp flag. When visiting a .beancount file I get this Message:

LSP :: The following servers support current file but do not have automatic installation: beancount-ls You may find the installation instructions at Languages - LSP Mode - LSP support for Emacs. (If you have already installed the server check lsp-log).

lsp-log: Command “beancount-language-server --stdio” is not present on the path.

The Message implies that this lang server isn’t installed automatically and offers to visit the relevant webpage. The webpage:

This Server supports automatic install. Install this language server with M-x lsp-install-server RET beancount-ls RET.

cargo install beancount-language-server

What am I missing? Should I have installed the server with cargo and it’d have installed automatically into emacs then?

Steps to reproduce

  1. SPC h d C, (beancount +lsp), doom sync
  2. visit a .beancount file

System information

Loading data dump...


  1. Install cargo
  2. cargo install beancount-language-server
  3. Append ${HOME}/.cargo/bin to $PATH
  • on fish shell that’s add_to_path /home/user/.cargo/bin
  1. doom sync
  2. SPC q r

It should work now.

For some reason I’ve had to reboot but it’s possible that emacs simply hadn’t restarted properly after doom sync, thus failing to source updated envs with .cargo/bin

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